Orlando Weekly published my Top Ten Tastes of 2022!

For the sixth year in a row, I am grateful to Orlando Weekly and its excellent, exceptional, exemplary editrix Jessica Bryce Young, for including my latest annual list of my favorite things I ate in Orlando this year: my Top Ten Tastes of 2022.


Here are links to my full, detailed Saboscrivner reviews of every restaurant I included on the 2022 list:
Wako Taco
John and John’s – A Pizza Shop
The Pastrami Project
Thai Singha
Ray’s Deli and More
The Escobar Kitchen
JAM Hot Chicken
Hanalei Shave Ice
Kabuto Sushi and Grill (I’m so sad that  it closed permanently TWO DAYS AGO!)
And I haven’t reviewed Crocante yet, since I’m hoping to go at least one more time first, but it’s great too.

Also, here is is one convenient link to all my previous annual lists for Orlando Weekly.  So much for my secret identity, even though pretty much everyone knows who I am anyway… kind of like all of Clark Kent’s co-workers and all the fancy people who have spent any time around Bruce Wayne.

Happy New Year, stalwart Saboscrivnerinos!  Here’s to a better, safer, healthier, happier 2023 for all.  Hopefully we all eat well, and maybe we can even share some meals in the new year.


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