Orlando Weekly published my Top Ten Tastes of 2022!

For the sixth year in a row, I am grateful to Orlando Weekly and its excellent, exceptional, exemplary editrix Jessica Bryce Young, for including my latest annual list of my favorite things I ate in Orlando this year: my Top Ten Tastes of 2022.


Here are links to my full, detailed Saboscrivner reviews of every restaurant I included on the 2022 list:
Wako Taco
John and John’s – A Pizza Shop
The Pastrami Project
Thai Singha
Ray’s Deli and More
The Escobar Kitchen
JAM Hot Chicken
Hanalei Shave Ice
Kabuto Sushi and Grill (I’m so sad that  it closed permanently TWO DAYS AGO!)
And I haven’t reviewed Crocante yet, since I’m hoping to go at least one more time first, but it’s great too.

Also, here is is one convenient link to all my previous annual lists for Orlando Weekly.  So much for my secret identity, even though pretty much everyone knows who I am anyway… kind of like all of Clark Kent’s co-workers and all the fancy people who have spent any time around Bruce Wayne.

Happy New Year, stalwart Saboscrivnerinos!  Here’s to a better, safer, healthier, happier 2023 for all.  Hopefully we all eat well, and maybe we can even share some meals in the new year.


My Top Twelve Tastes of 2021 are featured in Orlando Weekly!

I am so grateful to Orlando Weekly and its illustrious Editor in Chief Jessica Bryce Young for including my list of favorite things I ate for the fifth year in a row.  Here are my Top Twelve Tastes of 2021:


I have written full, detailed reviews of eleven of these twelve top-notch local restaurants right here on The Saboscrivner.  Here are direct links to those full reviews:
Uncle Dendog’s
Cavo’s Bar & Kitchen
High Tide Harry’s
Edward’s Gourmet Confections
Bombay Street Kitchen
Pizza Bruno
Meng’s Kitchen
Stasio’s Italian Deli and Market
Yummy House
Mediterranean Deli
Chicken Fire
The Osprey (review coming in early 2022)

And here are links to all my previous annual lists of favorite local dishes for Orlando Weekly:



2019 (That year, three of my choices were combined with a list from Orlando Weekly‘s regular food writer, the brilliant Faiyaz Kara)



Orlando Weekly published my Top Ten Tastes of 2020!

I am honored to have one of my end-of-the-year lists included in our wonderful local alt-weekly newspaper, Orlando Weekly, for the FOURTH year in a row.  This piece, my Top Ten Tastes of 2020, didn’t make it into the print edition, but it is a blog piece on their website for all to see.


Here’s a link to my 2017, 2018, and 2019 Orlando Weekly lists.

Happy New Year to all of my dozens of readers!  Stay warm, healthy, and safe in 2021.  Don’t forget to eat something good — because you deserve it, and because these local restaurants could use all the help they can get.

I got restaurant reviews in the Orlando Weekly again!

For the third year in a row, I was honored to submit some of my favorite dishes of the year to the Orlando Weekly, which got published in its final issue of 2019:


It was an even bigger honor for my picks to be mixed in with favorites of the Orlando Weekly’s regular food writer Faiyaz Kara, who is my favorite food writer in Orlando, period.  They didn’t credit who wrote which ones, but I had three contributions, all from longer reviews I wrote on The Saboscrivner this year:

  • The Nashville hot chicken sandwiches from Swine & Sons.
  • The paccheri amatriciana pasta from Sette.
  • The pork sisig over garlic rice from Taglish.

This means the world to me, to see that some people have actually responded to my food writing, enough so that I can even reach beyond this blog.  I especially want to thank the Orlando Weekly‘s tireless Editor, Jessica Bryce Young, for offering me these opportunities.

And here are links to my favorite dishes from 2018 and 2017, also published in the Orlando Weekly.

My Top Five Dishes of 2018 list made the Orlando Weekly!

I’ve been a huge fan of the Orlando Weekly ever since I first moved here in 2004.  Now this city is my home, and if my finger is ever on the pulse of local culture, the Weekly is a major reason why.

In 2017, they offered me my first professional gig as a food writer when they asked me to list my Top Five Dishes of 2017.  It was a huge honor for me, and I’ve been coasting on it all year.

I recently had the opportunity to make a new list for the Orlando Weekly, with my Top Five Dishes of 2018, and they were kind enough to even link to this very blog!  Please check it out, and check out my Saboscrivner reviews of these excellent local restaurants as well:

LaSpada’s Original Cheese Steaks and Hoagies

Kai Asian Street Fare

Cappadocia Turkish Cuisine

Poke Hana

Orlando Meats

My First and Only Professional Food Writing Gig (so far…)

For years, I’ve been a regular poster on the Orlando Foodie Forum on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/orlandofoodieforum/), which is a pretty great community.  That led to me being invited to contribute a piece to the Orlando Weekly at the end of last year, listing my five favorite local dishes of 2017.  So here it is:

Getting published as a real, professional food writer was one of the proudest moments of my life, and I still stand by this list of local favorites.