My Top Twelve Tastes of 2021 are featured in Orlando Weekly!

I am so grateful to Orlando Weekly and its illustrious Editor in Chief Jessica Bryce Young for including my list of favorite things I ate for the fifth year in a row.  Here are my Top Twelve Tastes of 2021: 

I have written full, detailed reviews of eleven of these twelve top-notch local restaurants right here on The Saboscrivner.  Here are direct links to those full reviews:
Uncle Dendog’s
Cavo’s Bar & Kitchen
High Tide Harry’s
Edward’s Gourmet Confections
Bombay Street Kitchen
Pizza Bruno
Meng’s Kitchen
Stasio’s Italian Deli and Market
Yummy House
Mediterranean Deli
Chicken Fire
The Osprey (review coming in early 2022)

And here are links to all my previous annual lists of favorite local dishes for Orlando Weekly:



2019 (That year, three of my choices were combined with a list from Orlando Weekly‘s regular food writer, the brilliant Faiyaz Kara)




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